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Well, it's finally official – Niki is really, truly, and actually retiring from Light Tec.  No, really! For a fact!  Honestly!  And only after 34 years. She says she needs a vacation... or a nap.


Effective February 1, Light Tec’s Houston office is having a tremendous sale – of everything. Rental equipment, sales merchandise, the remaining consignment equipment, and the fixtures down to the showcase and shelf units will be sold. (Please note that some of the rental equipment has been sold to area dealers so that it will still be available for Light Tec’s clients in the Houston area.) By the end of February, everything should be gone.


Please come by to see Bryant in Houston and grab yourself a piece of Light Tec – serving the Houston market for over 23 years. Contact Houston Light Tec at 713-668-3004.


We’ll let you know what will be happening in Dallas soon – but not yet...



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Light Tec has served as a resource for top commercial image makers for over three decades. We have kept pace with the advances in photographic technique and technology and earned the confidence of not only our own Texas photographers, but also from shooters across the nation and overseas. Light Tec originated in Dallas, Texas and is here to serve you in your photographic needs. Be sure to check out our new studio rental spaces in Dallas and visit our new Light Tec Blog!

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